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Plan to take former Radio Veronica ship back to sea

DATELINE   The Netherlands  28th  February 2019

Recently, a foundation called 'Friends of the Veronica Ship' was established  with the aim of bringing back to sea the former radioship of this station. More ….

Former Radio 270 newsreader and DJ, Jeff Jones, has died

DATELINE   28th  February 2019

Jeff Jones was born in Darlington and studied chemistry at Aberdeen University. More ….

Former Radio Caroline engineer and DJ, James Kaye, has died

DATELINE   Bournemouth  5th  February 2019

Former Radio Caroline engineer and DJ, James Kaye (Jim Coad),  has died at the age of 66. More….

Former Radio 390 Announcer, Jonathan Hall, has died

DATELINE   20th January 2019

Former Radio 390 announcer,Jonathan Hall, died on 20th January 2019, at the age of 80.  More …..


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