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Offshore Radio on the Big (and Small) Screen

Offshore radio provides a unique setting for films and TV dramas and, over the years, this has been exploited by a handful of writers, producers and directors as a backdrop for their output.

Also the offshore stations, particularly in their challenge to the ‘established system’ and those who sought to maintain it, provided a rich source of material for documentary makers and this too has been reflected in a number of landmark television programmes over the years.

This Gallery seeks to record those productions which have a relevance, in one way or another, to offshore broadcasting


     Dateline Diamonds (1966)

     Slade in Flame (1975)

     Blown Away (1994)

     The Boat That Rocked (2009)

     3 Mile Limit (2014)



Drama Series


Danger Man (1966)

This Week  (Associated Rediffusion) (1964)

Heartbeat (1995)

World in Action (Granada) (1964) and (1967)

Reporting 66 (1966)

Weekend Show (LWT) (1977)

 Arena (BBC2) (1991)


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If you know of any films or TV programmes with a relevance to offshore radio please let us know.

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