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Offshore Radio on the Big (and Small) Screen

World in Action

World in Action was an investigative current affairs programme made by Granada Television from 1963 until 1998. It covered the subject of offshore radio in a number of programmes, one shortly after the launch of Radio Caroline and the imminent start of Radio Atlanta in 1964 and another just after Radio Caroline had defied the Marine etc Broadcasting (Offences) Act  and continued broadcasting in 1967.

There is also an audio record (see interactive Zone) of another episode broadcast in May 1966 about the growth in the number of offshore stations and the Government attitude, and lack of action, towards them.

Radio Pirates

A first look at Radio Caroline and the people running the station,

featuring interviews with Ronan O’Rahilly and Jocelyn Stevens.

First Transmitted (UK) - 12th May 1964

Running time - 30 minutes

The Pirates

This episode dealt with the growth in the number of offshore stations around Britain (including the arrival of Radio England and Britain Radio). It also covered the Government attitude towards the offshore stations and the BBC’s view about the services it provided at that time.

First Transmitted (UK) - ?? May 1966

Running time - 30 minutes

The O’Rahilly File

This episode profiled the man behind Radio Caroline - Ronan O’Rahilly. It was filmed and screened shortly after Radio Caroline had defied the Marine etc Broadcasting (Offences Act) and continued broadcasting in 1967.

The World in Action team themselves defied the law to film on board the Radio Caroline South ship, Mi Amigo in September 1967 and in doing so posed a legal problem for the authorities as one of the first media challenges to the new Act (see press cuttings in News Stand, left).

First Transmitted (UK) - 25th September 1967

Running time - 30 minutes

Offshore Radio Connection

British television news documentaries about offshore radio from its inception in 1964 to the defiance of Radio Caroline in continuing to broadcast in 1967 after the Marine etc Broadcasting (Offences) Act had been introduced.

The O’Rahilly File, World in Action, Granada TV, September 1967

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The Times 13th September 1967

The Times 14th September 1967

The Times 16th September 1967

The Radio Pirates World in Action, Granada TV, May 1964

Unfortunately this programme is missing from all episode listings of World in Action, the only evidence we have traced is the audio file on You Tube (see Interactive Zone, right).

Can anyone help with more information?

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The Pirates, World in Action, Granada TV, May 1966 (audio only)

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