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Car (or window ) stickers were a relatively cheap and effective way for the offshore stations to publicise themselves and their wavelengths.

Stickers were sent to listeners who asked for them or who contacted the stations for information (often the pack would include DJ photos and some background details about the station too).

Once the stickers were displayed in windows or, more importantly, cars they became adverts for the stations and helped attract new listeners.

This exhibition (which is Part 1 of a series) looks at some of the early offshore radio station stickers and the  graphic styles each station adopted to get its (simple) message across.

So come on in and discover some examples of long forgotten publicity items!



The Art of the Sticker special exhibition

The full history, programming and technical details of Radio 390 can be found in the Britain Gallery on Floor 1 but to mark the 50th anniversary of the launch of this unique offshore station in September 1965 this Special Exhibition has some additional material and a chance to experience the programming style of Britain’s ‘Sweet Music’ success.



SWEET  SUCCESS special exhibition

One of the smaller of the 1960’s British offshore stations Radio Scotland was the vision of one man - Tommy Shields who passionately believed  that Scotland needed its own media voice.

The station was launched on Hogmanay (31st December) 1965 and soon made an impact in Scotland and Ireland in its short, but eventful life. This Special Exhibition  to mark the 50th anniversary of the station’s launch contains memorabilia, photographs and a chance to hear some of the programmes its listeners enjoyed 50 years ago.

The full story of the station can be found in the Britain Gallery on Floor 1

special exhibition


Come on board !

Radio 270 was conceived from the outset to be a local station - aimed at Yorkshire and North East England  - but  in practice it attracted audiences in a much  wider area.

During its short life Radio 270 made a huge  impact in its target area and, 50 years later, the station is still fondly remembered by those who enjoyed listening to its programmes.

‘THE 270 SET’ is a Special Exhibition to mark the 50th anniversary of the station’s launch in June 1966 and contains memorabilia, photographs and a chance to hear some of the many programmes enjoyed by its listeners.

The full story of Radio 270 can be found in the Britain Gallery on Floor 1

special exhibition


Caroline Cash Casino  was launched in October 1966 and was without doubt the most successful competition broadcast by any offshore radio station .

The cash prizes offered were far more generous than any other broadcast competition at the time  and the programme attracted a huge audience participation.

These large audience ratings generated enormous interest from ‘blue chip’ advertisers who were keen to sponsor programme segments.

This Exhibition explores the concept of Caroline Cash Casino and the people responsible for the most successful offshore radio competition ever.

   Let’s play Caroline Cash Casino!!

Cash Casino intro.mp3

Click to hear the Cash Casino introduction with Bill Hearne

Radio  Hauraki was  the only offshore radio station broadcasting to New Zealand  and the only offshore radio station to achieve what others dreamt of - to  sail in from international waters and be granted a licence to broadcast from land.

Radio Hauraki still broadcasts today but the station’s foundations were laid 50 years ago and it’s challenge to the established broadcasting service at the time opened up the radio market in New Zealand.

This Special Exhibition looks at the beginning of Radio Hauraki as an offshore radio station  and the people behind its launch.

special exhibition TOP OF THE DIAL

Visit the Home of the Young New Zealanders !

Radio Hauraki 50 Intro