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Radio Mercur, which was launched in August 1958, is generally accepted to have been the first true offshore commercial radio station - there had been other offshore stations but Mercur became the role model for many later stations in Europe and elsewhere.

The pioneering work of Radio Mercur’s founders in identifying and exploiting a legal loophole and in devising a structure which enabled them to operate within the law as it was at the time was copied by many  future offshore radio stations.

This Special Exhibition marks 60 years since  Radio Mercur was launched, but its history is inevitably intertwined with two other stations - Skanes Radio Mercur and DCR - both of which are also included in the Exhibition.

Skanes Radio Mercur was a separate operation, but used Radio Mercur’s technical and marine facilities and aimed its programmes at a Swedish, rather than Danish, audience.

DCR was a short-lived rival station which later merged with Radio Mercur and enabled that station to have near national coverage in Denmark.

This Special Exhibition follows all three stations in a 60 photograph slideshow

For the full history of Radio Mercur visit the the Scandinavia Gallery on Floor 1

For the full history of Skanes Radio Mercur visit the the Scandinavia Gallery on Floor 1

More information about the history of the ships used by these stations - Cheeta, Cheeta 2 and Lucky Star - can be found in the Ships and Sea Structures  Gallery on Floor 2

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For the full history of DCR visit the the Scandinavia Gallery on Floor 1



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