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Broadcasting Hours

From 14th December 1958

Weekdays – 11.00am-3.00pm

Weekends 12noon – 5.00pm

From August 1959


From February 1961

Weekdays - 7.00am-8.00pm, 11.00pm-12midnight

Sundays – 9.00am -8.00pm, 10pm-12midnight




Popular music aimed at Swedish listeners

Skånes Radio Mercur


Nils-Eric Svensson hired airtime from Danish Radio Mercur, owned by Internationale Mercur Radio Anstalt (registered in Lichtenstein)  


                       Nils-Eric Svensson

                       (to January 1962)


          Britt Wadner

         (January-March 1962)

Britt Wadner Nils Erik Svenson

Landbased Address

Skånes Radio Mercur originally recorded its programmes in the attic of a house at Fältgatan 2 in Landskrona, Sweden.

After a short while the recording studio was relocated to more sophisticated facilities at Norra Infartsgatan 55, in Landskrona.

In 1960 the station again relocated to larger premises at Kalendegaten 18, Malmo, Sweden.


89.55 mHz FM (from December 1958)

89.6 mHz FM (from 16th November 1960)

88 mHz FM (from 31st January 1961)

Opening Date

Danish Radio Mercur began experimental Swedish language broadcasts on

1st September 1958.

Skånes Radio Mercur officially began broadcasting on 14th December 1958

Closing Date

Broadcasts ceased on 6th March 1962, when the station became Radio Syd.

Thanks to

Nils-Eric Svensson, founder of Skånes Radio Mercur for providing additional details about the history of his station.

Thanks to

Ingemar Lindqvist (www.radioarkivet.se) and Henrik Norgaard (radio-mercur.dk)

for providing additional information and allowing us to use photographs and audio files from their websites

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