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Skånes Radio Mercur - Technical

Top: the Landskrona studio in 1959

Above: control panel on board Cheeta

Left: Aerial mast on Cheeta

Below: Tape playback machines on Cheeta


(Claimed power)

Cheeta - 1.5kw  (ERP 20kW from a directional aerial) home built transmitter. Power increased to 14 Kw in November 1958.

Cheeta 2 - 21kw  Siemans transmitter

Aerial Heights

Cheeta - 98’ (30m) approx

Cheeta 2


Technical equipment on board the original Cheeta was relatively primitive and

largely home built by William Petersen, a bicycle mechanic and amateur radio enthusiast.

He built the original FM transmitter, largely from an old taxi radio, as well as the

antenna installed on board the ship.

Equipment originally used to record programmes in the landbased studio was also very primitive – a domestic record player and tape recorder (Phillips EL3542)  as well as a home made mixer unit.

Later more professional equipment was purchased.

QSL Cards

Radio station engineering departments issue QSL cards to verify reception reports received from listeners

Left: the first landbased control room with Jerry Katz (foreground)  and Göran Mellblom (background).

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