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The  Hold

HOLD Noun - cavity in a ship below deck where cargo is stowed. Also the area used to house transmitters on many radio ships.

When looking through the archives for material we often come across articles and items of memorabilia which are relevant to the history of offshore broadcasting, but don’t readily fit the context of existing Museum Galleries.

We feel that this information  should not be lost - or left out of the Museum - so have created this new Gallery  as a holding place for relevant material,  available for every visitor to see.

In the future some items may be incorporated into other Galleries, but for the moment new material will be added here whenever we find it.

Enjoy exploring The Hold !!!

Flag States and Flags of Convenience

International Telecommunications Union (ITU)


Dutch Television in 1964

NOP Survey - July 1966

The Arguments Against and in Support of Offshore Radio

Start of Independent Local Radio (ILR)

Dutch Broadcasting System

Radio and Television Retailers Association Conference 1965

White Paper - The Future of Broadcasting

BBC Plans and Radio One Opening

Radio Luxembourg Format Change

 KLIF, Dallas

 Annan Committee Report 1977

 Pop Pirates Game

 Home Office Letter 1975/76

 Record Mirror Poll 1973

       Letter from British Government 1967

       Origin of the name ‘Anorak’

       Communications and Codes

       Capital Radio Tribute to Radio Caroline

       Roland C Pearson - ‘Buster’


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