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Radio and Television Retailers Association Conference 1965

At a Radio and Television Retailers Association Conference held in Brighton in October 1965 Conservative MP,  Eldon Griffiths told delegates -

"The pirate stations are providing a service the BBC has lamentably failed to provide. Millions of people, the large majority under 30, now listen regularly to these stations. Let us not have outright banning of a service which gives pleasure. Unless you can tune to one of the pirates the only choice is between various services of the same outfit - the BBC. This is simply not good enough and anyone who thinks that it satisfies the British public has only to look at the explosion of interest in Radios London, Caroline and 390."

Interestingly this was the same conference which the BBC decided to boycott because representatives of offshore radio stations were present and at which Philip Birch, Managing Director of Radio London, was invited to speak.


The  Hold

HOLD Noun - cavity in a ship below deck where cargo is stowed. Also the area used to house transmitters on many radio ships.

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