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‘THE 270 SET’ is a Special Exhibition to mark the 50th anniversary of the station’s launch in June 1966 and contains memorabilia, photographs and a chance to hear some of the many programmes enjoyed by its listeners,

Come on in and discover some examples  of long forgotten publicity items!

To mark the 50th anniversary of the launch of this unique offshore radio station in September 1965.

This Special Exhibition has additional material and a chance to experience the programming style of Britain’s ‘Sweet Music’ success.

SWEET  SUCCESS special exhibition

special exhibition

This Special Exhibition  marks the 50th anniversary of the station’s launch  in 1965 contains memorabilia, photographs and a chance to hear some of the programmes its listeners enjoyed more than 50 years ago.

   Let’s play Caroline Cash Casino!!

Click to hear the Cash Casino introduction with Bill Hearne

Caroline Cash Casino  was launched in October 1966 and was without doubt the most successful competition broadcast by any offshore radio station .

This Exhibition explores the concept of Caroline Cash Casino and the people responsible for the most successful offshore radio competition ever.

Cash Casino intro.mp3

special exhibition TOP OF THE DIAL

Visit the Home of the Young New Zealanders !

Radio  Hauraki was  the only offshore radio station broadcasting to New Zealand  and the only offshore radio station to achieve what others dreamt of - to  sail in from international waters and be granted a licence to broadcast from land.

This Special Exhibition looks at the beginning of Radio Hauraki as an offshore radio station  and the people behind its launch.

This Special Exhibition to mark the 50th Anniversary of the introduction of the Marine Offences Act in August 1967 charts, amongst other things,  its passage through Parliament, the constitutional crisis it raised with the Isle of Man Government, the supporters groups which were formed to oppose it and amendments which have considerably strengthened the original legislation.

Caroline Cash Casino Introduction Radio 270 at 50 - About Radio Scotland at 50 - About Radio 390 at 50 Years About The Art of the Sticker Marine Offences Act 50 - Introduction

More publicity nostalgia - this time from offshore stations broadcasting in the 1970’s !!

Radio Hauraki 50 Intro