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special exhibition The Art of the Sticker - 2

This Special Exhibition takes a look at publicity stickers for offshore radio stations broadcasting in the 1970’s.

Unlike the stickers of the 1960’s - which were largely produced by the stations themselves  - many of the 1970’s ones were produced and distributed by supporters ‘ groups.  In doing this the groups were risking prosecution (especially in Britain) for contravening the anti-offshore radio legislation. Also any person displaying a sticker was in danger of being prosecuted - as did actually happen in a few cases - for publicising an offshore station.

Despite these risks an enormous amount of material was produced to publicise the various offshore stations and we hope this Exhibition will bring back many memories for those who listened to, or worked on, the offshore stations of the 1970’s.

The Exhibition is not a definitive or complete collection of 1970’s stickers,  but a representative sample of the material which was widely available at the time.

If you know of any other stickers which you would be willing to let us add to the Exhibition please contact the Museum at:-


Let’s look at the stickers of the 70’s !!



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