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Radio 270

This was a station conceived from the outset to be aimed at a specific, local area of Britain - Yorkshire and North East England. However in practice it attracted audiences in a much larger area, but failed to attract large amounts of national advertising  - its income primarily came from scores of local businesses and one American based religious organisation with its daily programme ‘The World Tomorrow’.

In its short life, however, the station made a significant impact in its target area and it was claimed that, given another 12 months on the air, it would have produced a profit for its investors. As it was, although all bills were paid, the original backers of Radio 270 saw no return on their investment.  

Many listeners from 50 years ago still have fond memories of listening to the programmes and personalities of Yorkshire’s first local station  - this Exhibition hopes to rekindle many of those memories.


About Radio 270

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special exhibition

Oceaan VII,  home to Radio 270

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Radio 270