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Ship for Sale

Radio 270 was the only British offshore radio station to offer its ship for sale with an estate agent after its forced closure on 15th August 1967.

Yorkshire based estate agents Tuckley and Co were instructed to sell the Oceaan VII, together with its equipment and even the record library!


The ship was eventually sold in 1969 to a scrap dealer from Hartlepool, although all the radio equipment had by then been removed. Some of the equipment (including the transmitter) was later used by Capital Radio off the Dutch coast in 1970. The Oceaan VII was  subsequently scrapped at a shipbreakers yard in Blythe, Northumberland.

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special exhibition

Original press advert from the estate agents

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The same letter from the estate agent - with paragraphs added in May 1968 confirming that Ronan O’Rahilly of Radio Caroline had not purchased the Oceaan VII

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Courtesy Hans Knot

Letter from the estate agent in March 1968 to a prospective purchaser

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Courtesy Hans Knot

Hartlepool Mail

 ??  1969

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Ship For Sale




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