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Radio 270 programmes

Radio 270 originally planned a varied format (similar to the BBC Light Programme at the time) but with a local flavour. Taped programmes - with talks and interviews - were recorded and stockpiled in the station’s first studios in Newcastle.

However, during the planning of the station it was decided to switch to a Top 40 format, with most programmes presented live from the ship. The station’s intention to aim for a local audience was reflected in the huge amount of commercials from small local businesses - many of which can be heard in these programme extracts:-

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Pete ‘Boots’ Bowman Show

Pete Bowman

The Midnight Hour

David Sinclair

Paul Burnett Show

Paul Burnett

Bob Snyder Show

Bob Snyder

Lunchtime Show

Paul Kramer

Noel Miller Show

Noel Miller

Mike Baron Show

Mike Baron

Alex Dee Show

Alex Dee

Alex Dee Show Sept  1966.mp3 special exhibition Paul Kramer Show Aug 1967.mp3 Bob Snyder Show July 1967.mp3 Mike Baron July 1967.mp3 Paul Burnett Aug 1966.mp3 Pete Bowman July 1966.mp3 Noel Miller July 1966.mp3 david Sinclair Jan 67.mp3


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