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A publicity booklet about the station, its staff and the Oceaan VII

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Station Promotion

Radio 270 promoted itself  in the local press both before and after the planned 1st April  1966 launch - these are some of those adverts.

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Do you have any other memorabilia about Radio 270 which we could add to this Special Exhibition?

If you do, and you are willing to allow the Museum to use it, please contact


We look forward to hearing from you

Thanks to Sir Roger Gale MP for allowing us to use the poster for the launch of Radio 270.

 (note the incorrect spelling of the ship’s name)

special exhibition

Business Stationery

These are some samples of the business stationery used by Radio 270.

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About Radio 270

People Behind the Station

The Mast

Ship For Sale



Wilf Proudfoot

These photographs show aspects of the varied life led by Wilf Proudfoot before and after his involvement with Radio 270

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Thanks to Ian Proudfoot for allowing us to use these photographs from the archives of Proudfoot Supermarkets Ltd


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