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Caroline Cash Casino  was launched in October 1966 as part of a strategy to win back audiences and advertisers, largely for Radio Caroline South which was struggling in the highly competitive market of London and South East England. However, the programme was broadcast nationally on the Caroline network.

Cash Casino was without doubt the most successful competition broadcast by any offshore radio station .

The cash prizes offered were far more generous than any other competition at the time - either on radio or television - and attracted a huge audience participation. Consequently the large audience ratings generated enormous interest from ‘blue chip’ advertisers keen to sponsor programme segments.

This Exhibition explores the concept of Caroline Cash Casino and the people responsible for the most successful offshore radio competition ever.

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How Cash Casino Worked

People - Terry Bate

People - Allan Slaight

People - Bill Hearne

Sample Clues

Answers and Winners

Today’s Values


Cash Casino in Numbers

Sample Programmes


Other Competitions

Additional Information

We gratefully acknowledge the assistance of the History of Advertising Trust in compiling information for this Special Exhibition.

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