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Clues for Cash Casino competitions were delivered in the form of rhyming couplets.

Each competition would start with a couple of two line clues to get listeners thinking about possible answers. Then each day, as the competition went on, a new clue would be added.

These are the clues used in competition number 7:-

1. If you'd bring our subject close to hand.

    You'd do well to think of a foreign land.

2.  The place we mean is quite far from here,

      And the object sought is their native gear.

3.  A crescent moon and stars - just two.

4.  Would, in a certain form, provide a lead for you.

5.  The country which we implicate,

6.  Is bordering on a Balkan State.

7.  But please don't dwell beyond the British shore,

8.  If you'd find the thing that we're looking for.

9.  This "foreign" object which you seek to name,

10. Has, in association, certain claim to fame.

11.  You may think of a cap or even hat;

12. But if you covet the prize you must go further than that.

13. This elusive object I would guess you've seen

14. Many a time on your TV screen.

15. Innumerable times throughout the year

16. Will, with its owner, on the stage appear.

17. Adorned it is with a tuft of cords,

18. While the one below many laughs affords.

The prize of £2,820 was won on the day this 18th clue was broadcast (23rd March 1967), the answer being comedian Tommy Cooper's Fez.

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