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One of the two Canadian consultants brought in to revamp and regenerate Radio Caroline’s airtime sales in 1966 Allan Slaight was instrumental in ensuring the success of Caroline Cash Casino.

Allan Slaight (also J. Allan Slaight) was born in Galt (now Cambridge), Ontario in 1931 the son of a veteran newspaperman John Edgar (Jack) Slaight, who worked for the Galt Evening Reporter (now Cambridge Reporter). Allan’s  family moved to Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan when his father bought the Moose Jaw Times-Herald in 1945.  Jack Slaight was also the eventual co-owner of Moose Jaw radio station CHAB-AM, one of Canada's first radio stations

From a very early age, Allan was a proficient magician touring Western Canada as mind reader "Will Powers", and performing a large scale magic show under the "Slaight & Co" banner. Allan Slaight is the author of a number of magic books and co-hosts an annual magicians conference, 31 Faces North, every summer.

He began his broadcasting career in Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan in 1948 at age 17 as an on-air news reporter, announcer and late night jazz presenter for his father's station CHAB.

In 1949 he started studying at the University of Saskatchewan,  but dropped out after his first year when he and his wife, Ada, moved to Edmonton, Alberta. Unable to find a job in radio, he worked at first selling shoes at Eaton's Department store before finally joining radio station CFRN the same year as a news reporter.

Over the next few  years he worked at radio stations in Edmonton and Toronto  in various roles including News Director, Merchandising Director, and Programme and Promotions Manager. From 1960-1964 he was Programme Director at CHUM-AM in Toronto.

In 1965, Allan Slaight was appointed to become the Vice President of Radio CHUM-1050 Ltd and elected to the board. He  remained with CHUM-1050 Ltd until 1966 when he and his family left for England.

Together with Terry Bate (of sales promotion company, Stephens and Towndrow),  Don McKenzie and Saundra MacKenzie, Allan Slaight travelled to England to establish a sales agency for Radio Caroline. Slaight's purpose in relocating to England was to co-found a consulting firm for sales, merchandising and advertising of what he hoped would be a growing market in British commercial radio.

However, the launch of licensed commercial radio was still some time away and Slaight decided to return to Toronto in 1967, where he formed Allan Slaight Limited, a company engaged in advertising and communications. He then established a strategic partnership with Stephens and Towndrow for his company to act as consultants in Programming, Sales and Marketing. By September of that year Allan  Slaight had been appointed President and Managing Director of Stephens and Towndrow .

In 1970, Allan Slaight founded Slaight Broadcasting Ltd. And the following year completed the purchase of station CFGM-1310 AM  which at that time, was Canada's first full-time country and western music station.

During the following 40 years Allan Slaight acquired and built a huge media conglomerate in Canada covering radio, television, outdoor advertising and internet services. Other business interests included restaurants, a National Basketball Association (NBA) Franchise, banking and a sports stadium.

Slaight became, at various times, President of Global Television, President of Slaight Communications, and President and Chief Executive Officer of Standard Broadcasting Corporation Limited, Canada's largest privately owned multi-media company.

After 52 years involved in radio he stepped down from his positions at Standard Broadcasting Corporation, and assumed the role of Executive Chairman of the Board of Directors of Slaight Communications.

Allan Slaight also has a long history of philanthropic activities in a number of health and arts related realms and he also founded the Slaight Family Foundation.

Throughout his career, Allan Slaight has held a number of honorary positions, directorships and chairmanships of institutions including hospitals, universities, festivals, as well as music, radio and, of course, magic related organisations.

He has collected numerous awards - a member of the Canadian Association of Broadcasters Hall of Fame, an Order of Canada recipient, and in 2005, he received the Canadian Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences Special Achievement Award for his contributions to the nurturing and growth of Canada’s music industry.

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