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In the early morning of Sunday 3rd March 1968 both Radio Caroline ships - MV Caroline (Caroline North) and MV Mi Amigo (Caroline South) were seized in international waters in a coordinated operation by the Wijsmuller Tug Company following a dispute about unpaid debts.

Both ships were towed to Amsterdam and, despite rumours of a quick return to sea, they remained silent, tied up in harbour and vandalised until 1972. When both ships were sold at auction.

The MV Caroline was sold to a scrap dealer and was dismantled in an operation which took 8 years to complete.

The MV Mi Amigo was purchased by a Free Radio fan under cover of a story about turning the vessel into a Museum. However, in September 1972 the Mi Amigo slipped out of port and anchored in international waters off the Dutch coast with test broadcasts starting a few days later.

The Mi Amigo went on to serve as home to the re-launched Radio Caroline and a number of other offshore stations until she finally sank  off the British coast in March 1980.

This Special Exhibition contains a slideshow of photographs marking 50 years since the ships were silenced and the first phase of Radio Caroline’s history came to an abrupt halt.

For the full story of these events as they affected  the  MV Caroline  visit  the history of Radio Caroline North in the Britain Gallery on Floor 1

For the full story of these events as they affected  the  MV Mi Amigo  visit  the history of Radio Caroline South in the Britain Gallery on Floor 1

More information about the history of the MV Caroline and the MV Mi Amigo can be found in the Ships and Sea Structures  Gallery on Floor 2

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