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Radio Caroline 1970’s

Landbased Address

PO Box 2448, The Hague, Holland (September – December  1972)

Caroline House, Van Hogendorpstaat 16, Holland   

(from January 1973)

Playa de Aro, Spain

(from 1st September 1974)

Alta Mira, Avenue Ansol, Marbella, Spain

(Dutch Service, from August 1979)

Mi Amigo

Mi Amigo


Ronan O’Rahilly

(Sylvain Tack owned a share in the MV Mi Amigo as part of the contract between Radio Caroline and Radio Mi Amigo)



259m (1187kHz) (actually 253m)

(tests from 29th September- 16th December 1972)

199m (1520kHz) (actually 197m) medium wave (AM)

(from 17th December 1972 (As Radio 199 from 18th – 21st December 1972) As Radio Caroline from 25th December 1972)

259m (1187kHz )(actually 253m) medium wave (AM)

(from 2nd January 1973)

389m (773kHz) medium wave (AM)

(Radio Caroline One, later Radio Caroline International (English) Service) (from 13th May 1973)

259m (1187kHz )(actually 253m) medium wave (AM)

(Radio Caroline Two, later Radio Caroline (Dutch) Service) (from 13th May 1973)

192m (1562kHz) medium wave (AM) (from 8th May 1976)

259m (1187kHz ) (actually 253m) medium wave (AM)

(from 10th December 1976)

319m (953kHz) (actually 314.6m) medium wave (AM)

(from 9th March 1977)

212m (1412kHz) medium wave (AM) (from 1st December 1977)

319m (actually 314.6m) (953kHz) (from 15th April 1979)

These are the main opening and closing dates for Radio Caroline during the period 1972-1980, but the station was often off the air for days, weeks and sometimes months due to technical problems and fuel shortages. Also there were periods when the MV  Mi Amigo’s facilities were hired to other stations and two periods (July-October 1973 and January-February 1974) when the station broadcast as Radio Seagull.

Opening Date

29th September 1972 (tests without station ID – continue intermittently throughout November and December 1972)

18th December 1972 (as Radio 199)

25th December 1972 (as Radio Caroline)

Closing Date

19th March 1980

Broadcasting Hours

Radio Caroline’s broadcasting hours frequently  varied between 1972 and 1980 and the station was off the air for days, weeks and sometimes months due to technical problems and fuel shortages. These are the broadcasting hours which were generally maintained

24 hours a day

(from 25th December 1972 to 26th February 1973 – generator failure)

6.00am-2.00am Caroline International (English)

6.00am-7.00pm Caroline (Dutch) (English overnight service)

(from May – 26th June 1973 – generator failure)

(NB from 1st July - 18th October 1973 daytime broadcasts were for Radio Atlantis and from 24th July - 18th October  1973 overnight as Radio Seagull (9.00pm-6.00am) (aerial mast collapse)

From 1st January 1974 daytime broadcasts were for Radio Mi Amigo and from 7th January - 22nd February 1974 overnight as Radio Seagull)

7.00pm-6.00am as Radio Caroline (from 23rd February 1974)

8.00pm-6.00am (from 8th June 1974)

7.00pm-6.00am (from August 1974)

6.00am - 7.00pm  Radio Caroline English on 192m, 7.00pm - 6.00am Radio Caroline English on 253m and 192m (from 15th May 1976)

24 hours a day (from December 1976)


Progressive Rock and Alternative music

Album based Rock format

(from March 1974)

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