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Radio Caroline  1970’s - Key Dates


29th May  1972

The two former Radio Caroline vessels, MV Mi Amigo and MV Caroline put up for sale. The Caroline is sold for scrap, the Mi Amigo is purchased by Dutch Free Radio Organisation for conversion into a museum

3rd September 1972

Mi Amigo drops anchor off Scheveningen, Holland

29th September 1972

Unidentified test transmissions of continuous music made on 1187kHz (253m)

13th November 1972

Mi Amigo drifts and the aerial mast collapsed. A  temporary aerial was rigged and test transmissions resumed again at the end of the month

1st December 1972

DJs started presenting programmes without identifying either themselves or the station

17th December 1972

Test transmissions moved to a new frequency of 1520kHz (197m)

18th December 1972

Programmes aired under the call sign Radio 199

22nd December 1972

The station starts to identify itself as Radio Caroline

28th December 1972  

The Dutch crew on board the Mi Amigo claimed they had not been paid  since September and decide to bring matters to a head by sabotaging the fuel line to the lighting generators. Crew  abandon the radio ship.

30th December 1972

The Mi Amigo's master, returned shortly after the station had left the air at 3.00am, cut the anchor chain and towed the radio ship to IJmuiden. The Dutch Shipping Inspectorate declared the Mi Amigo to be unseaworthy and issued instructions that she could only leave port after major repair work had been carried out.

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13th June 1970

Radio North Sea International (RNI) starts using the call sign Radio Caroline International. The station has joined with Caroline’s founder, Ronan O’Rahilly, to mount a political campaign in support of the Conservative Party in the forthcoming British General Election.

16th June 1970

Prime Minister Harold Wilson personally authorised the use of the most powerful transmitter in Europe -  kept for use in a national emergency - to jam RNI/Radio Caroline’s signal.

18th June 1970

Against all poll predictions the Conservative Party win the British General Election

19th June 1970

RNI dropped the Radio Caroline call sign - its objective of putting the Labour Party out of power had been achieved.



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