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Radio North Sea International (RNI)


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Erwin Meister and Edwin Bollier


Erwin Meister and Edwin Bollier - Mebo Telecommunications AG, Zurich, Switzerland

Dutch Service Programme Contractors  - Radio Reklame Maatschappij, Bussum, Holland


RNI was unique in broadcasting on multi frequencies using AM, FM and shortwave. However due to complaints of interference and government jamming signals frequent changes of wavelength and frequency had to be made.

6210kHz (49m short wave band) and 102mHz FM

(tests from 23rd January 1970)

186m (1610kHz) medium wave (AM)

(tests from 11th February 1970)

102mHz FM and 190m (1578kHz)medium wave (AM)

(from 10th April 1970)

217m (1385kHz) medium wave (AM)

(from 30th April – 1st May 1970)

100mHz FM (from 30th April 1970)

244m (1230kHz) medium wave (AM)

(from 13th May 1970)

Various medium wave (AM) frequencies between 1227kHz and 1232kHz (changing frequency every 15 or 20 minutes from 28th May 1970 to avoid British government jamming signal)

217m (1385kHz) medium wave (AM)(from 28th June 1970) but the jamming followed and the station reverted to 244m  (1230kHz) medium wave (AM) (from 30th June 1970)

102mHz FM (from 24th June 1970)

6205kHz in the 49m shortwave band and 217m (1385kHz) medium wave (AM)

(from 3rd August 1970)

96mHz FM (from 4th August 1970)

9940kHz in the 31m shortwave band

(from 5th August 1970)

220m (1367kHz) medium wave (AM) and  100mHz FM (from 23rd August 1970)

Broadcasting Hours

RNI’s broadcasting hours varied enormously during the lifetime of the station.

With the introduction of Dutch language programmes in 1971 these generally occupied the daytime hours, while the English language service was provided overnight.

The World Service varied too - sometimes it was broadcast daily and other times just at the weekends, often only Sundays.

Opening Date

23rd January 1970 (Tests on short wave and on FM)

11th February 1970 (Tests on medium wave (AM))

28th February 1970 Regular programming starts at 6.00pm

21st February 1971 RNI English language service re-opens

 7th March 1971 Dutch language daytime service starts

Closing Date

24th September 1970 (11.00 am)

30th August 1974 English language service (12 midnight)

31st August 1974 Dutch language service (8.00pm)


Erwin Meister, Edwin Bollier, Urs Emmengar

Dutch Service:
Jon de Mol

Landbased Address

PO Box 113, Albisriederstr 13, CH8047, Zurich, Switzerland

PO Box 117, Hilversum, Holland

Dutch Service:

P O Box 338, Bussum, Holland

Mebo II

Mebo II

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