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Radio Caroline  1970’s - Key Dates (2)

1st January 1973

Repairs to Mi Amigo completed and the vessel slips out of harbour, anchoring in international waters off Scheveningen

2nd January 1973

Radio Caroline resumes transmissions

26th March 1973

A major generator failure forced Radio Caroline to discontinue transmissions -lack of finance to replace vital parts meant that the station was likely to be off the air for some time

2nd April 1973   

Mi Amigo lost her main anchor during a hurricane force storm, but the crew lower the spare anchor which stopped the vessel drifting too far

3rd April 1973

Ronan O’Rahilly offers facilities on Mi Amigo to allow  Radio Veronica (whose ship had run aground during the hurricane force storm) to return to the air

11th April 1973

Radio Veronica programmes from the Mi Amigo start at 12 noon

20th April 1973

Mi Amigo stops relaying Radio Veronica programmes at 6.00am

13th May 1973   

Test broadcasts start on 389m (773kHz) (Radio Caroline One)

15th May 1973

Test broadcasts start on 259m (1187kHz 253m) (Radio Caroline Two)

26th June 1973

Power loss on the Mi Amigo forces both stations to leave the air

15th July 1973

Facilities on Mi Amigo refurbished and hired to Radio Atlantis

24th July 1973

A new English language station - Radio Seagull started broadcasts overnight after Radio Atlantis closes

1st October 1973

The main aerial on the Mi Amigo collapsed

18th October 1973

A temporary aerial system collapsed, effectively put an end to all transmissions of Radio Atlantis and Radio Seagull from the Mi Amigo

24th December 1973

Erection of new aerial mast on the Mi Amigo completed and test transmissions were able to commence

25th December 1973

DJs presented live programmes without any station identity

1st January 1974

Radio MI Amigo starts broadcasts

7th January 1974

Radio Seagull reintroduced overnight following the closure of Radio Mi Amigo's broadcasts

23rd February 1974

Radio Seagull broadcasts begin as usual but now under the call sign Radio Caroline

1st June 1974

Radio Caroline closes its office in Holland ahead of new  Dutch legislation to outlaw offshore radio stations

29th August 1974

The Mi Amigo sails across the North Sea to a position  off the Essex coast of England

31st August 1974

Radio Caroline continued broadcasting defiantly after midnight when the Dutch Marine Offences Act came into force, becoming 'illegal' for the second time in its history.

1st January 1973 The European Economic Community the forerunner to the EU, admitted Britain, Ireland and Denmark.

26th March 1973 English playwright Noel Coward  died aged 73.

8th April  1973

Pablo Picasso, Spanish artist, died at home near Mougins, France, aged 91.

17th May 1973

The US Senate began its hearings into the Watergate scandal and the role of President Richard Nixon.

22nd May 1973

US President Richard Nixon made a defence of his actions in the Watergate scandal.

17th July 1973  

In Afghanistan, Prime Minister Daoud seized power from King (Shah) Zahir.    

15th October 1973 Israeli tanks crossed the Suez Canal and encircled two Egyptian armies.  

25th December 1973

Skylab astronauts walk in space and photographed the comet Kohoutek.


1st January 1974

In Britain a 3-day work week went into effect following a power shortage caused by striking miners.

15th June 1974 Members of the British National Front  clashes with communist counter-demonstrators in London,

26th August 1974 Charles Lindbergh, the first man to fly solo, nonstop across the Atlantic, died aged 72.

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