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Radio Caroline 1970’s - Key Dates (4)

9th March 1977

Radio Caroline moves to 953kHz (314.6m), announced as 319m

 ** June 1977

Radio Caroline's DJs start appealing during their programmes for listeners to send £1 donations to the station

13th September 1977

Radio Caroline started to close at 8.00 or 9.00pm due to severe staff shortages

17th September 1977

Five new DJs reached the ship, enabling normal 24hour programming to resume

September, October

and November 1977

Frequent breaks in transmission occur and major problems with the generator ultimately result in a ten day silence from both stations on the Mi Amigo in November

21st November 1977

Radio Caroline (and Radio Mi Amigo) return to the air, although there were a number of other minor breakdowns caused by the faulty generator

1st December 1977

Radio Caroline and Radio  Mi Amigo again swap frequencies - Radio Caroline now on 212m and Radio Mi Amigo on 319m

** December 1977

Radio Caroline (and Radio Mi Amigo) off the air due to generator failure

15th January 1978

Both Radio Caroline and Radio Mi Amigo return to the air

20th October 1978

Radio Caroline (and Radio Mi Amigo) went off air again due to generator failure and severe fuel shortages

10th March 1977

The rings of Uranus were discovered.

12th September 1977

In South Africa Steven Biko, the country’s best known political dissident, died while in police custody.

13th September 1977

General Motors introduced first US diesel car - the Oldsmobile 88.

7th December  1977 Peter Carl Goldmark Hungarian-born engineer who developed the  LP record, died in the USA.

16th January 1978 NASA named 35 candidates to fly on the space shuttle.

22nd October 1978 Negotiators for Egypt and Israel announced in Washington they had reached agreement on a peace treaty.


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