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MV Mi Amigo


SS Margarethe, Olga, Bon Jour, Magda Maria

Built: 1921(lengthened 1927 and 1951)

Weight: 470 tons

Length: originally 98’ (29.8m) lengthened to 111’ (33.8m) in 1927 and 133’ (40.5m) in 1951

Previous offshore radio use:- Radio Nord, Radio Atlanta, Radio Caroline South

Anchored in international waters -

Off Scheveningen, Holland

(3rd September 1972-29th August 1974)

Knock Deep Channel, off Essex/Kent, England  

(1.35 East 51.42.5 North)

(30th August 1974 – 19th March 1980)

Radio Caroline 1970’s - Ships and Location

In June 1970 Radio Caroline also briefly broadcast from the Radio North Sea International (RNI) ship, Mebo II, anchored off the British coast

Mebo II

Formerly:  Silvretta

Built: 1948

Weight: 630 tons

Length: 186’ (60m)

Anchored in international waters off Clacton on Sea, Essex, England

1.35.0 East 51.42.5 North

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