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Radio Caroline Programme Schedule -

22nd December 1972

5.00am       Non-stop music

6.00am       Crispian St John

9.00am       Leon Keizer

11.00am     Jeremy Bender

1.00pm       Paul Dubois

3.00pm       Andy Archer

5.00pm       Gerard van der Zee

6.00pm       Crispian St John

8.00pm       Andy Archer

10.00pm     Peter Chicago

1.00am       Closedown

Typical Radio Caroline Programme Schedule -

January 1973

5.00am       Paul Dubois

7.00am       Mike Storm

9.00am       Ron Dolman

11.00am     Mike Storm

1.00pm       Paul Dubois

3.00pm       Ron Dolman

5.00pm       Steve England

8.00pm       Norman Barrington

11.00pm     Andy Archer

2.00am       Night Trip (Dick Palmer)

Radio Caroline 1970s - Programmes


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