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Radio Caroline  1970’s - Key Dates (3)

** September 1975

Four men on board a tender from the Mi Amigo were arrested when it arrived back in Essex and charged with offences under the British Marine etc. Broadcasting (Offences)Act 1967.

8th November 1975

The Mi Amigo broke from her anchor and drifted, grounding on the southern end of Long Head Sands. She later refloated but began to drift while the crew made attempts to lower the emergency anchor and shortly after 10pm Radio Caroline's transmitters were turned off.

9th November 1975

The crew managed to lower the emergency anchor but the radio ship was  now  near the South Edinburgh No 3 Buoy marking one of the main English shipping lanes  

13th November 1975

A new heavy duty anchor installed on the Mi Amigo and she was towed to a new position half a mile north of the South Edinburgh No 3 Buoy. Radio Caroline resumed its programmes at 6.00pm

14th November 1975

British police and Home Office officials board the Mi Amigo and inform the Captain that his vessel was anchored inside British territorial waters. Radio Caroline (and Radio Mi Amigo) forced off the air, Four men were removed from the Mi Amigo and charged with offences under the Marine etc. Broadcasting (Offences) Act 1967

23rd November 1975

The Mi Amigo leaves the South Edinburgh Channel anchoring at a position back in the Knock Deep Channel, 17 miles off Margate, Kent

26th November 1975

Radio Caroline (and Radio Mi Amigo) transmissions started again.

15th May 1976

An all-day English language Radio Caroline service starts

29th May 1976

A separate Radio Caroline English Service was introduced after Radio Mi Amigo's closedown

10th September 1976

During a storm the Mi Amigo breaks from her anchor chain and drifts onto a sandbank. The Captain and his Dutch crew, together with two Radio Mi  Amigo newsreaders abandon the radio ship, leaving only 3 Caroline DJs  and the station’s engineer on board

16th September 1976

Mi Amigo towed back to her anchorage, Radio Caroline’s evening service recommences

22nd September 1976

Radio Caroline's daytime service resumes

 ** December 1976

Radio Caroline and Radio Mi Amigo  swap frequencies – Caroline now  on 253m (announced as 259m) 24 hours a day, Radio Mi Amigo now on 192m

19th September 1975

The British TV  sitcom "Fawlty Towers," created by John Cleese, premiered on BBC Television.

3rd November 1975

Queen Elizabeth II formally began the operation of the UK's first North Sea oil pipeline at a ceremony in Scotland

11th November 1975

Angola proclaimed independence from Portugal.

15th November 1975

The first Summit of 6 leading industrialist nations, G-6, met in Rambouillet, France.

22nd November 1975

Juan Carlos was proclaimed King of Spain.

9th May 1976

Ulrike Meinhof, co-leader of the Baader-Meinhof gang, committed suicide in German prison.

9th September 1976 Mao Tse-tung Chinese Communist party chairman (1949-76) died in Beijing.

17th September 1976

NASA publicly unveiled the space shuttle Enterprise at ceremonies in Palmdale, California.

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