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special exhibition The Art of the Sticker - 3

This Special Exhibition takes a look at publicity stickers for offshore radio stations broadcasting in the 1980’s.

In Britain offshore radio saw a mini revival with the return of Radio Caroline in 1983 from  a new radio ship and within months a second ship arrived off the Essex coast - the Communicator, housing  Laser 558. Laser  itself closed after just over a year and was briefly replaced by Laser Hot Hits.

Elsewhere Radio Paradijs made a brief appearance off the Dutch coast, the Voice of Peace and Arutz Sheva were broadcasting off Israel and Radio New York International attempted to launch off the east coast of the United States.  All in all quite an active decade for offshore radio !

The Exhibition is not a definitive or complete collection of 1980’s stickers,  but a representative sample of the material which was available at the time.

If you know of any other stickers which you would be willing to let us add to the Exhibition please contact the Museum at:-


Let’s look at the stickers of the 80’s !!



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