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Voice of Peace


Abie Nathan

Shalom Peace Foundation

(owned the MV Peace)

Abie Nathan

Abie Nathan

Opening Date

26th May 1973 (8.00pm )(Official broadcasts started)

28th May 1975(With sufficient funding raised the Voice of Peace returned)

Closing Date

9th November 1973 (3.00pm) (Forced to close due to lack of funding)

1st October 1993 (1.57pm) (Final closure)  

These are the main opening/closing dates for the station. However the Voice of Peace closed  for short periods during its life sometimes due to technical or supply problems, sometimes because the ship had sailed on a ‘mission’ or Abie Nathan sometimes used this tactic to attract publicity for one of his peace campaigns


1540kHz (195m) medium wave (AM)

1538kHz medium wave (AM) announced on air as 195m. (from September 1977)

6245kHz and 6240kHz shortwave (tests between 12th August and October 1977 -discontinued at the request of the Israeli Army)

6240kHz (48.10m) shortwave (from 27th July 1983 – March 1984 - closed in March 1984 on instructions from the Israeli Ministry of Communications because a complaint of interference had been received)

6265kHz (47.9m) shortwave  (test transmissions were reported on 21st November 1990)

100mHz FM stereo (from 18th April 1980)

There were also plans for a  longwave service on 171kHz (1754m) to enable the Voice of Peace's signal to reach further into the Middle East, but this development did not ultimately take place.

Broadcasting Hours

Generally a 24 hour service was maintained although there were periods during the station’s life when broadcasting hours were reduced due to staff or fuel  shortages, military actions or other operational reasons

Landbased Address

PO Box 4399,

Tel Aviv,


Also  in the early years:-

P O Box 2374



MV Peace

MV Peace


The Voice of Peace changed its format a number of times:-

1973 - Western pop music, with a daily  hour of classical music each evening

Mid 1976 – An all-hits format

October 1982 - Middle of the road music with a mixture of Country and Western, easy listening and Top 40

September 1987 - "Latest hits, greatest memories" (every record played was to be an  instantly recognisable current or recent hit.)

July 1991 - ‘Contemporary music’

November 1991 - More up-beat music was introduced during the day, while the Russian music programme was discontinued altogether and the Hebrew music programme, "Kassach", was moved to the 9.00pm-midnight slot.

September 1992 -  'Mellow music'  

September 1993 - Contemporary hits

VOP jingle - Twiddly Dee.mp3

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