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Left: the Production Studio on board MV Peace

Right: the Record Library

Voice of Peace - Technical


Originally there were two 25Kw Collins transmitters  which had been donated to the Peace Foundation and rebuilt by VOP engineers)

(Power increased to 75Kw from September 1977)

A Nautel FM transmitter ( installed April 1980, replaced May 1988)

On 11th/12th May 1987 a new 10 Kw Nautel Ampfet 10 medium wave transmitter was installed on the MV Peace

Aerial Height

The original 160' aerial mast (originally intended for the first RNI ship, Mebo I and donated to the Peace Foundation by Mebo Ltd) collapsed on 27th January 1981)

A new mast was installed in February 1981 (this collapsed after 10 days and was replaced by a wire aerial slung between the ship's own masts  

In mid-April 1981 a new aerial mast was erected on board the ship

May 1983 the medium wave aerial was rebuilt to its full height - the station had been operating on a slung wire antenna for some time

July 1983  a centre fold dipole aerial was rigged between the radio ship's foremast and midships mast to enable shortwave transmissions to resume


Main Studio:

Gates mixer, Gates turntables, Gates cartridge machines.

Electrovoice microphones.

Sennheiser lightweight headphones.

Studio on MV Peace Studio on MV Peace

Right and Below : two views of the studio on board MV Peace

Below Left: The main studio, Tony Stevens on air.

Photo: Hans Knot

Original AM transmitters on MV Peace Aerial mast on MV Peace

Top left: the original AM transmitters on board MV Peace

Top right: the stereo FM transmitter on board MV Peace

Right and Below:   three views of the aerial mast on board MV Peace  (originally installed on (Mebo 1) RNI. )

QSL Card

Radio station engineering departments issue QSL cards to verify reception reports received from listeners


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