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Voice of Peace - Programmes

Typical Voice of Peace Programme Schedule -


6.00am        Breakfast Show (Carl Kingston)

9.00am        Morning Programme (Crispian St. John)

12 noon       Showcase (Rick Dennis spotlighting different kinds                      of music soul, country and western, progressive etc.)

2.00pm        Afternoon Programme  (Tony Mandell)

4.00pm        Drive Time (Kas Collins)

6.00pm        Peace Programme (Abie Nathan)

7.30pm        Classical Music

9.00pm        Rick Dennis

12 midnight  Steve Williams

3.00am         Arabic Music Programme (with Egeal, an Arabic                      speaking DJ)

Typical Voice of Peace Programme Schedule -

May 1978

6.00am         Vince Mould

9.00am         Guy Starkey

11.00am       Steve Foster

1.00pm         Kenny Page

3.00pm         The Beatles Hour (Guy Starkey)

4.00pm         Drive Time (Crispian St. John)

5.00pm         Music from a Featured Artist (sponsored by the                      Discount Bank of Israel)

6.00pm         Twilight Time  (Easy listening music and talk by Abie                       Nathan)

7.30pm         Classical Music (Vince Mould)

9.00pm         Fifteen Forty Disco  (Malcolm Barry)

12 midnight  Kenny Page

3.00am         Roger Swann

In addition throughout the week there were a number of special programmes:-

Tuesdays  4.00 - 6.00pm The International Top 40  (presented by Crispian St. John)

Fridays 9.00 - 11.00pm, Hebrew music followed until 3.00am by Party Night (disco music with Malcolm Barry)

Saturdays 6.00 - 8.00am - Arabic music.

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