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Voice of Peace - Key Dates

After two failed attempts the previous year to arrange a peace settlement between Egypt and Israel, Abie Nathan decides to establish a radio station to spread and promote messages of peace. In Holland he purchased a former freighter, Cito, and renamed her Peace.


The ship sailed from Amsterdam to New York to try and raise funds for the peace project. However, donations were slow to come in and it took nearly three years before sufficient funds became available (partly as a result of Abie Nathan selling his business interests in Israel) to convert the Peace into a floating radio station.


15th March 1973

When all equipment had been installed the transmitter was given it's first test while the ship was still in New York Harbour.    

16th March 1973

The MV Peace set sail from New York to cross the Atlantic.  A short test broadcast was made from international waters, but the journey to Israel was delayed due to problems with the ship and she was forced to enter port in Bermuda and Marseilles, France for repairs.

21st May 1973

The MV Peace set sail  again for Israel.    

26th May 1973

Official programmes for the Voice of Peace commenced at 8.00pm

6th October 1973

During the Six Day War the MV Peace anchored off the Suez Canal in Egypt, broadcasting appeals to the armies of both sides to stop fighting.

An Israeli gun boat came alongside the MV Peace and ordered her Captain to enter port where it was arrested and detained by the Israeli authorities. The vessel and its crew were later released and allowed to sail back to an anchorage off Famagusta, Cyprus from where broadcasts of the Voice of Peace recommenced.  

9th November 1973

Due to lack of funding the Voice of Peace was forced to close.  The MV Peace sailed silently into Ashdod and most of the crew left the ship.

early December 1973

The MV Peace sailed towards Europe where it was planned to broadcast appeals for donations and support for the peace campaign.

22nd December 1973

The MV Peace anchored off Southern Italy, but the transmitter remained silent.


early January 1974

The MV Peace arrived once again in Marseilles, where she was docked while Abie Nathan set about trying to raise further financial backing.


4th May 1968

 At the University of Paris – the Sorbonne – police are called in to end student rioting.

20th July 1969

US astronaut, Neil Armstrong, becomes the first person to step onto the moon.

14th March 1973 John McCain, later a US Senator, was released as a prisoner of war in Vietnam..

17th May 1973

The US Senate began its televised hearings into the Watergate scandal and the role of President Richard Nixon.

15th October 1973 Israeli tanks under General Ariel Sharon crossed the Suez Canal and began to encircle two Egyptian armies.

11th November 1973

Israel and Egypt signed a cease-fire agreement in the Yom Kippur War.

1st December 1973 David Ben-Gurion, Israel's first prime minister died in Tel Aviv aged 87.

1st January 1974

In Britain a 3-day working week went into effect following a power shortage caused by striking coal miners.

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