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3 Mile Limit

It's 1965 and rock music is shaking up the world but not in New Zealand.

Richard Davis a 23 year old journalist is determined to break the Government's monopoly on broadcasting and bring rock n' roll to a younger generation, and at the same time hold onto the woman he loves.


Matt Whelan - Richard

Daniel Musgrove - Nick

Elliot Wrightson - Alex

Belinda Crawley - Judy

David Aston - Willis

James Crompton - Morrie

Carl Dixon - Brendon

Daniel Cresswell - Tim

Jordan Mooney - Paul

John McKee - Frank

David Capstick - Clive

Lizzie Tollemache - Hauraki Receptionist

Allan Roberts - Financier

Robert Hartley - Stoned Man

Jonny Hair - Barry

Mia Koning - Lisa

Bill Crisp - Prime Minister

Alan Kennedy-Lethbridge - Ernest Briggs

Willy de Wit - Doogie

Robert Tripe - NZBC Programmer

Bruce Hopkins - McGrath

Sean O'Connor - Commodore

Lynn Waldegrave - Headmistress

Tonci Pivac - Police Sergeant

Jimmy Hazelwood - Eric  

George Mason - Bobbie

Luke Thompson - Louie

Sam Penfold - Buzz

Phoebe Borwick - Tim's Wife

Miranda Wilson - Willis' Secretary

Glen Turnball - Repo Man

Rowan Bettjeman - 1st Officer

Kevin Harty - Marine Inspector

Sally Spencer-Harris - Prime Minister's Secretary

Matthew Diesch - 1st Dinner Guest

John Bartlett - NZBC Staffer

Mikyla Rhind - Willis' niece

Ross Mitchell - 2nd Dinner Guest

Dave Munn - 2nd Officer

Genevieve Cohen - Female Protester

Jacqueline Careswell - Karen

Renee Pascalle Brierley - Paul's girlfriend

Robert O'Connor - Rufus

Paul Lewis - 3rd Dinner Guest

Marlon Hart - Lofty

Ben Wright - Policeman

Paul Robertson - Undercover Policeman

Tracey Kane - Dinner wife 2

Stephen Brunton - Policeman

Libby Dallison - Paul's Admirer

Sophie Scally - Willis' nieces friend

Fraser Williamson - Repo Man

Mark Adams - 2nd reporter

Hayden Anderson - Lawn mower man

Ben Brown - 2nd hand dealer

Stefan Bürkner - Wayne

Lesa Davis - Dinner Wife 3

Barry de Lore - Reporter

Murray Douglas - Government Driver

Patrick Hackett - Father

Mostyn Hooper - Town Hall Official

Sandy Magee - Verna Willis

Evan Pardington - Guard

Andrew Parker - NZBC Minion

Michelle Pretorious - Dinner wife 3

Director- Craig Newland

Writers - Andrew Gunn, Craig Newland

Producer - Craig Newland (Producer), Lesa Davis (Line Producer)

Music - Tom McLeod

Cinematography - D.J. Stipsen

Film Editing - Jonathan Woodford-Robinson

Production Design - Matthew G.P. Mills

Art Direction - James Goldenthal

Release Date  (New Zealand) - 6th March 2014

Release Date (USA) - 20th March 2014 (Cleveland International Film Festival)

Released on DVD -

Running time - 105 minutes

Trailer for 3 Mile Limit

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Offshore Radio Connection

The film is based on the true story of Radio Hauraki, New Zealand’s only offshore radio station.

When Radio Hauraki was eventually outlawed it won a licence to broadcast legally on land - and is still on the air today.

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