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Hidden Britain By Drone

Series 1, Episode 2 - Sealand

In this episodes the drones fly  seven miles out to sea to discover a platform in the ocean that has been fighting for independence since the Sixties. Sealand has its own royal family, stamps and currency. You’ll need a passport to visit and the residents aren’t afraid to defend themselves from would-be invaders.

First Transmitted (UK) - 17th April 2016  (Channel 4)

Running time - 60 minutes

Series 2, Episode 2 - Sea Forts

In this episode; Tony Robinson sends his drones to discover the mysterious workings of a sewage plant, a top-secret underground Cold War bunker, a super-sized luxury car emporium, and a collection of rusting sea-forts that once became a hideaway for pirates.

First Transmitted (UK) - 12th August 2018  (Channel 4)

Running time - 60 minutes

Offshore Radio Connection

See the history of the sea forts in the Ships and Sea Structures Gallery on Floor 2

Ships and Sea Structures


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