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Offshore Radio on Film and TV

Reporting 66

‘Reporting 66’ was a half hour programme produced by ITN (Independent Television News) and broadcast weekly. It examined current issues in greater depth than  was possible during the daily news bulletins


Britain: Pirate Radio Ships in Operation

This programme dealt with the growth in the number of offshore stations around Britain (including the arrival of Radio England and Britain Radio). It also covered the Government attitude towards the offshore stations and the BBC’s view about the services it provided at that time.

First Transmitted (UK) - 11th May 1966

Running time - 25 minutes

Offshore Radio Connection

British television news documentary about the expansion of offshore radio from its inception in 1964 to its peak in 1966 .

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Extracts from this programme are available from the ITN Archive at Getty Images http://www.gettyimages.co.uk/videos/reporting-66-pirates?collections=itn,itna&offlinecontent=include&phrase=reporting%2066%20pirates&excludenudity=true&sort=best#license:-