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(Series 1, Episodes 1-10)

Inspired by real events, Mercur tells the story of the rise and fall of Radio Mercur, the offshore radio station founded  in 1958.


Andreas Jessen ...   Flemming Vestergaard

Neel Rønholt  ...  Anne-Marie Jensen  

Stephania Potalivo  ...  Gitte Skovgaard

Jon Lange  ...  Jan Irsinger

Rasmus Botoft  ...  Torben Stenbæk

Charlotte Fich  ...  Lily Irsinger

Peter Gantzler ...  Preben Borg

Jesper Lohmann ...  Richard Hansen  

Series Directed by

Charlotte Sachs Bostrup  (6 episodes)

Mogens Hagedorn (4 episodes)

Series Writing   

Søren Frellesen (Creator)

Jesper Malmose (Creator)

Jenny Lund Madsen (7 episodes)

Thor Bjørn Krebs (1 episode)

Series Produced by

Nina Bisgaard  (Executive Producer)

Sven Clausen  (Producer)

Emilie Lebech Kaae  (Head of Development)

Kristine Lund Karlsson (Commissioning Editor: TV2 Charlie)

Stine Meldgaard Madsen  (Producer)

Adam Price  (Executive Producer)

Anne Blohm Rudbæk  (Line Producer)

Meta Louise Foldager Sørensen  (Executive Producer)

Full cast and crew credits

First Transmitted (Denmark - TV2 Charlie) - 6th March 2017

Running time - 37 minutes each episode

DVD released 6th March 2017 (Denmark)

                        25th July 2018 (Finland)

Also known as Something’s Rockin’

Offshore Radio Connection

The storyline follows, (through fictional characters) the launch,  life and demise of Radio Mercur - the first commercial offshore radio station which started broadcasts off the coast of Denmark  in August 1958.


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