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Offshore Radio on Film and TV

Dr Who

Fury From the Deep

Season 5

When the TARDIS lands in the sea off the eastern coast of England, the Doctor, Jamie, and Victoria investigate a nearby beach, which seems to have an improbably large amount of sea foam as well as a major gas pipe marked “Euro Sea Gas”.

When the Doctor examines the pipe using a sonic screwdriver, he thinks he hears a heartbeat from within. The trio are captured and put in a cell by Robson, a ruthless gas refiner who heads a pumping operation with a network of rigs spanning the North Sea. His second-in-command is Harris, a scientist.

Robson is unnerved by the loss of contact with gas drilling Rig D at sea, plus an unexplained drop in the feed line from the rigs. The Doctor suggests that the supposed heartbeat could be a creature inside the pipe and suggests that the gas flow be suspended while he investigates, but Robson refuses to do so, and has Harris lock up the travellers.


Doctor - Patrick Troughton

Companions - Frazer Hines (Jamie McCrimmon), Deborah Watling (Victoria Waterfield)

Director - Hugh David

Writer - Victor Pemberton

Script Editor - Derrick Sherwin

Producer  - Peter Bryant

First Transmitted (UK) - 6 episodes - 15th March - 20th April  1968  (BBC TV)

Running time - 25 minutes average per episode

Offshore Radio Connection

Red Sands Fort was used as a location in these episodes.

Red Sands was used between 1965 and 1967 by Radio Invicta. KING Radio and Radio 390.

See also the history of Red Sands and the other sea forts in the Ships and Sea Structures Gallery on Floor 2

Ships and Sea Structures

Red Sands Fort with a helicopter landing on one of the towers

Red Sands Fort covered in foam . (A foam machine was installed on the fort for this.scene)

Victoria Waterfield (companion of Doctor Who) and.Perkins (Brian Cullingford. - who was also actually a presenter on KING Radio and Radio390).

Unfortunately no recordings of these episodes remain - these are a few archived  screen shots .



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