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The Royal

Dead Air

Season 8, Episode 9

When a Girl Guide pack camps locally one of the elderly leaders goes down with a mystery illness whilst the other, having innocently drunk spiked fruit squash, crashes the bus, landing them all in casualty. They decide it's time to quit. Lizzie and the nurses take Alun's demo disc to stoned DJ Lenny Lomax on board the Radio Neptune pirate ship but during an argument over unpaid wages Lenny accidentally shoots a crew member, requiring Gordon and Ralph to make a mercy dash in the lifeboat.



Guy Burnet ...  Lenny Lomax

Linda Armstrong ... Sister Bridgid

 Robert Daws ... Dr. Gordon Ormerod

 Michelle Hardwick ... Lizzie Hopkirk

 Denis Lill ... Mr. Rose

 Amy Robbins ... Dr. Jill Weatherill

 Andy Wear ... Alun Morris

 Glynis Barber ... Jean McAteer

 Wendy Craig... Matron

 Lauren Drummond... Student Nurse Fay Clark

 Trevor Dwyer-Lynch ... Eddie

 Andrew Ellis ... Jonno

 Adam Fogerty ... Bernie

 Gareth Hale ... Jack Bell

 Paula Lane ... Geraldine

 Diana May ... Nurse Carol Selby

 Neil McDermott ... Dr. Ralph Ellis

 Jodie McEnery ... Rita

 Jacqueline Pilton... Pearl  

Stephanie Roscoe ... Swallowtail

Prunella Scales ... Red Admiral

Producer Ken Horn

Line Producer  David Nightingale

Executive Producer  Keith Richardson

First Transmitted (UK) - 10th July 2011  (ITV)

Running time - 60 minutes

SS Sheildhall as the fictitious

‘Radio Neptune’

Offshore Radio Connection

The storyline features a fictitious offshore radio station - Radio Neptune.


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