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Ad Roberts has died

DATELINE    8th  April  2018

Former Radio Caroline, Radio Mi Amigo and Radio Monique engineer and DJ Ad Roberts  has died at the age of 62.

Ad (real name Rob de Goede)  began as a panel operator at the age of 17 in the Caroline Studio in Amsterdam (for Graham Gill who died on 9th April)  In addition, he was on board the Mi Amigo several times as a transmitter engineer and he even presented a few live programmes.

After a few years, he went to Australia and found work as a DJ and later worked in the Announcers Academy (now the Australian Film Television and Radio School).

After 7 months he returned to the Netherlands to work for the Dutch Service of Caroline on board the Mi Amigo. After the ship sank in March 1980, he  worked as a DJ in discotheques.

When Radio Caroline re-launced in 1983 from the Ross Revenge Ad helped set up the studios for Radio Monique and spent some time presenting programmes for the station.

Over the last few years he worked at Radio Extra Gold where he presented a weekly programme.



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