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Former Caroline South and Radio London DJ, Tony Blackburn, honoured.

DATELINE  London, 1st January 2024

Vetran DJ Tony Blackburn has been awarded an OBE in the UK's New Years Honours list for his services to broadcasting and charity.

Tony joined the Radio Caroline South  in July 1964, and at that time he was the youngest DJ on British radio. In 1965 Tony was offered a job on the rival Radio London but it was conditional on him changing his name to Mark Roman, presenting a show called The Roman Empire. He declined the offer and the show went to another presenter. The following year Radio London made him another offer and, in June 1966, Tony moved, keeping his own identity. He left Radio London in 1967 shortly before it closed down, joining the BBC just ahead of the introduction of the Marine Broadcasting (Offences) Act.

Although Tony is frequently associated with the launch of BBC Radio 1 in September 1967, he always acknowledges - and mentions in interviews - that he started his career on the offshore stations and that without them he would not have become a radio DJ.

Many congratulations to Tony on his well deserved award.

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