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Caroline North returns for 2017

DATELINE   London and Douglas, Isle of Man 23 January 2017

Radio Caroline North returns this weekend (28/29 January 2017) online and on Manx Radio 1368 AM for the first of our broadcasts in 2017.

We'll go back to the very early days of the station and hear how our first ship the Fredericia was found, along with new interviews that reveal how the finances were put in place to start the operation. And we'll hear from our founder Ronan O'Rahilly as to what he thought the station achieved.

So join us this weekend live on board the Ross Revenge for Radio Caroline North.

Your emails are always welcome at memories@radiocaroline.co.uk.

Radio Caroline North on AM from the Isle of Man is sponsored by Tiptree, Preserves of Distinction

Caroline North Schedule

Saturday 28th January

06:00 John Ellery

08.30 Chris Williams' Carnaby Street from Manx Radio

10:30 Kevin Turner

13:00 Chris Pearson

15:30 Johnny Lewis

18:00 Dave Foster

21:00 Barry James

Sunday 29th January

00:00 Andrew Austin

03:00 Bill Rollins

06:00 Ray Clark

09:00 Kevin Turner

11:30 Johnny Lewis

14:00 Chris Pearson

16:30 Barry James

19:00 Dave Foster

21:00 Close

Programmes subject to change

Admission  FREE!