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Radio Caroline 80s DJ Jerry Jones has died

DATELINE   21st  December 2017

Former 1980's Radio Caroline presenter Jerry Jones has died.

Jerry worked in radio all his life, and even set up a radio station at his school.  Jerry joined Radio Caroline on the Ross Revenge in October 1989, initially using the name Jerry Jackson. He also worked (as Jerry Scott) on  Radio Jackie, Breeze AM and BBC Radio York, and was part of the launch team at Minster FM (York) in 1992 before launching Yorkshire Coast Radio. He also applied for a community radio licence for Scarborough.

David Boulton, former colleague at Yorkshire Coast Radio said:-

 “What can I say. Jerry was an inspiration to me growing up from the same part of south London. He was my boss at YCR Scarborough when I was networked from Minster. We worked hand in hand together building YCR Bridlington from scratch, and we had a blast being the only 2 daytime jocks on there. I had the pleasure of working again with him at BBC Radio York, and most recently Coast & County. I’m truly gutted, and was going to try to arrange a time to come and see him next week. My love to all the family. I can never remember an angry word, only a love for life, and a true love for radio. G’night Captain, wherever you are, crank it up to 11 xx”

Bob Dunn, a friend from Radio Jackie wrote:-

 “Jerry started in 1976 on Radio Jackie without a licence at the time. We spent lots of time getting soaked from the rain as we broadcast from the fields of Southwest London and more often spent our Sunday afternoons in a police cell when things went wrong. A great great mate and broadcaster we survived using our wit and what we learned on the streets. ….. What a Effin Legend. Ta ta mate.”

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