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Former Radio Caroline engineer and DJ, James Kaye, has died

DATELINE   Bournemouth  5th  February 2019

Former Radio Caroline engineer and DJ, James Kaye (Jim Coad),  has died at the age of 66.

James was an engineer on the Mi Amigo in the 1970s until the ship sank in March 1980. He often stood in for chief engineer Peter Chicago and also broadcast a number of shows from the ship (his first show was on 13th May 1978, his last on 3rd September 1979).

James was involved in the fitting out of the new Radio Caroline ship Ross Revenge  in Santander, Spain, in the early 1980s, then worked on land-based operations, organising the supply of equipment to the Ross Revenge.

(Additional material courtesy the Pirate Radio Hall of Fame)



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