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Former 1980s Radio Caroline DJ, Judy Murphy, has died

DATELINE  3rd January 2024

Former 1980s Radio Caroline DJ, Judy Murphy, has died after suffering from multiple sclerosis (MS) for a number of years.

Judy   a Canadian DJ whose real name was Adrianne Sebastian-Scott, studied Radio and TV in Toronto. While travelling in Europe, a chance meeting with former Radio Monique DJ Herbie Visser led to her joining Radio Caroline on the Ross Revenge in 19th July 1988. She left the station shortly before Christmas the same year, but before departing, made a taped show to be broadcast on New Year’s Eve.

Judy then joined Radio Luxembourg where she broadcast as Jodie Scott. She later worked on Sunshine Radio in Luxembourg before moving back to the UK to work as an actress, voice-over artist and singer.

Judy died on 2nd January 2024.

(Additional information courtesy Pirate Radio Hall of Fane)



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