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Former Caroline North DJ, Wally Meehan, has died

DATELINE   6th July  2021

Former Radio Caroline North DJ, Wally Meehan has died.

Wally worked for a short period on Radio Caroline North, but he did not stay long  due to the introduction of the Marine etc Broadcasting (Offences) Act in August 1967.

Before joining Radio Caroline North, he was a guitarist and vocalist with the ‘Nevada Showband’ in Ireland and toured all over the world.  Wally  left the band after a tour of the U.S.A and  tried to get another band together in Dublin but it didn't work out.

Wally then moved to London, where he joined a trio and during this time became a fan of Radio Caroline.  Wally decided to contact the station and after three interviews he met station founder Ronan O'Rahilly who remembered him from the showband days in Ireland.

Shortly afterwards a letter arrived asking him to collect flight tickets  to the Isle of Man to join Radio Caroline North.

After leaving Radio Caroline North he  joined another band and also became an international DJ.

Wally came with the idea of an in-store radio station and suggested it to the Tesco branch in Northampton, who  agreed it was a good idea. Wally  was one of the first in-store radio DJs in the U.K and stayed with Tesco for 20 years.

Then  Wally and his wife Juliana decided  to move to Spain, where he  was asked to join a new radio station, TKO-FM, which had just started on the Costa Blanca,  where he was known on the air as Tony Moore.

Wally died on 6th July, after suffering from Parkinson's Disease for a long time.

Additional information courtesy Pirate Radio Hall of Fame



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