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Anoraks UK (AUK)

Anoraks UK was a  news and information organisation operated  by Barrie and Ruth  Johnson  based in Blackpool, Lancashire.

From April 1983 they produced a news  letter  initially with information about various landbased pirate radio stations in Ireland, but from issue 15 this expanded to become a weekly publication  - Weekly Report - covering in addition activities of landbased pirates in the UK, Short Wave station logs and of course offshore radio stations such as Radio Caroline, Radio 558, Radio 819, World Mission Radio, Radio Monique, Radio New York International (RNYI),  Laser 558, Laser Hot Hits and the Voice of Peace.

A separate weekly publication -  the Cuttings Club – was also produced containing copies of news cuttings relating to landbased pirate radio stations and the offshore stations.

An Anoraks UK telephone information line was also established  to provide even more up to date news about the offshore and landbased pirate stations. Anoraks UK was also well known for the loop aerial it produced, enabling listeners to obtain better reception of the various offshore stations broadcasting at that time.

AUK was involved (along with FRC/OEM and Roland ‘Buster’ Pearson’s Monitor Magazine) in organising an offshore radio event – Communicate 88 – in Blackpool on 24th September  1988.

AUK published its final issue (number 278) on 9th September 1989, just after the raid by Dutch and British authorities on Radio Caroline’s ship, Ross Revenge.

A complete archive of all AUK Weekly Reports can be found at the DX Archive - http://dxarchive.com/press_anoraks_uk_index.html

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