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Free Radio Campaign/France Radio Club/OEM

One of the Free Radio Campaign’s  many overseas branches was established in France (despite the fact that France had no offshore radio stations).

Over time, as the Free Radio Campaign ceased to exist as an organisation,  the French branch evolved into the France Radio Club - maintaining the same initial letters (FRC). The new FRC established a new publication - Offshore Echos Magazine (OEM) which was first published in 1974, as a duplicated newsletter written in French. As the readership grew the magazine expanded with  English, Dutch and German language sections being added. The magazine also changed to litho printing, allowing photographs to be used and by the end of 1982, the English language section had grown to such an extent, that it was necessary to launch two separate magazines - one in English and one in French.

OEM is still regularly published as a quarterly magazine - the only magazine in the world solely devoted to offshore radio.

Following the raid by the Dutch and British authorities on Radio Caroline’s ship, Ross Revenge in August 1989 and when the radio ship was rescued from the Goodwin Sands in 1991 FRC/OEM, (together with the Caroline Movement (CM) and the Ross Revenge Support Group (RRSG)), provided significant financial and practical assistance to the station at that time.

FRC/OEM also produce and market offshore radio memorabilia, offering an extensive list of merchandise of interest to offshore radio fans.

Covers of  two issues of Offshore Echos Magazine (OEM)

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