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Caroline Movement (CM)

The Caroline Movement (CM) grew out of a magazine - the Caroline Newsletter - which was first published in 1977 by journalist and Radio Caroline supporter, Stephen Francis. The Caroline Newsletter, which was extensively advertised on-air by Radio Caroline, was originally produced in Spain, but due to the  cost of printing there the second edition was produced by June Sutton in Crawley, Sussex, using a PO Box number for contact mail and distribution purposes..

Meanwhile, Geoff Baldwin, another Radio Caroline supporter established a box number (BCM BRFM) for fans to purchase Radio Caroline car stickers which were advertised in the Caroline Newsletter.

However, the British authorities were not happy with these activities and police visited both June Sutton and Geoff Baldwin in October 1978. They were also able to ‘warn off’ the printers who subsequently refused to produce any further issue of the Caroline Newsletter. Some time later the authorities also had the PO Box number in Crawley closed down.

In the Winter 1977/78 issue of the Caroline Newsletter Geoff Baldwin proposed the establishment of the Caroline Movement and the Caroline Newsletter became its official publication.  

In 1978 The Caroline Movement Bulletin was first published as a separate publication  with news about the organisation, while the Caroline Newsletter continued to publish news about Radio Caroline. Both publications were printed in Scotland and by 1979 they had merged under the Caroline Movement Bulletin title.

Meanwhile the Caroline Movement (CM) continued to develop and expand  -


After the MV Mi Amigo sank in March 1980 the CM became a focus not only for Radio Caroline supporters, but for other offshore radio developments, including many stories about the return of Radio Caroline. A major convention - Offshore 81  - was also held at West Malling and a telephone information service providing up-to-date news and information about various plans for the return of Radio Caroline as well as other offshore radio-related news was also established.. .

In 1983/84 interest in the CM grew with the ‘mini revival of offshore radio stations -  the return of Radio Caroline (from the Ross Revenge), the arrival of Laser 558 and the launch of Dutch language Radio Monique from the new Radio Caroline ship.

In August 1987 the CM organised another convention – Driftback 20 – at the Bloomsbury Crest Hotel, London, to mark the 20th anniversary of the introduction of the British Marine etc Broadcasting (Offences) Act 1967.

Following the raid on the Ross Revenge in 1989 by the Dutch and British authorities the CM became a focus for supporters to help the station get back on the air -

During the months after the raid in the absence of any advertising or sponsorship income Radio Caroline managed to survive due to assistance from individual fans as well as the CM and France Radio Club (Offshore Echos Magazine) -

After the 1990 Broadcasting Act became law the CM/RRSG was allowed to supply the Ross Revenge  - provided that such supplies were  relevant only to  the safety of the vessel at sea and not for the purposes of promoting or assisting with broadcasts.

In November 1991  the Ross Revenge broke her anchor and drifted on to the notorious Goodwin Sands. She was salvaged (one of the few ships to survive grounding on the Goodwins) and towed into Dover Harbour. The CM/RRSG paid off a substantial part of the salvage costs and assisted with essential repairs to the ship.


The Caroline Movement disbanded in Spring 1993 after it was decided that, with the closure of Radio Caroline from its offshore base and with the  RRSG now responsible for maintenance and repair of the salvaged ship, the time had come to close.

However, various remaining CM branches continued to operate, but gradually changed their names:-

Cover of the first issue of the Caroline Newsletter

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Cover of issue 9 of the Caroline Movement Bulletin

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Cover of the March 1993  issue of Horizon Magazine

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Flyer for the Driftback 20 Convention

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