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WMR (World Mission Radio)


The Johan Maasbach World Mission Foundation

Opening Date

Test transmissions on various frequencies from  6th September 1987

Regular programming from

1st May 1988

Closing Date

18th August 1989 (12 noon)

Landbased Address

On-air address for listener enquiries:

Box 346,


California, 91719,


Broadcasting Hours


18 hours (with Caroline 558 being relayed for six hours overnight)


Various frequencies (all short wave)were used in test transmissions until 6215kHz  was found to be the most suitable.

9940 kHz (6th September 1987  - possibly from a temporary deck antenna)

6220 kHz (24th September 1987)

6205 kHz (24th September 1987)

6220 kHz (28th October 1987)

5955 kHz (29th October 1987)

6210 kHz (22nd February 1988  - suffered interference from Pakistan)

6215 kHz (11th April 1988)

6205 kHz (15th April 1988)

6215 kHz (27th April 1988  onwards)

Ross Revenge in late 1988

Ross Revenge (in late 1988)


Sponsored American and Dutch religious programmes

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