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WMR (World Mission Radio) - Key Dates

30th November 1985

The first shortwave test transmission take place from the Ross Revenge relaying Caroline 963 programmes


April 1986

Planned that the 'World Service' of Radio Caroline should start using a new shortwave aerial system which had been constructed on the Ross Revenge , but again nothing came of this.


28th October 1987

The programmes of Caroline 558 were relayed on a number of shortwave frequencies there were further rumours that a new shortwave service would be started from the Ross Revenge to carry the Viewpoint programmes.


22nd February 1988

Further shortwave broadcasts from the Ross Revenge took place relaying Caroline 558 programmes.

6th March 1988

More shortwave test transmissions were made, but this time a separate programme was broadcast with station identifications in English, French and Italian.

March and April 1988  

Further test transmissions on shortwave were made on a number of frequencies all generally relaying  Caroline 558 programmes.

1st May 1988

A new station was launched from the Ross Revenge on using the call sign World Mission Radio (WMR)


18th August 1989

WMR programmes ceased shortly after 12 noon

19th August 1989  

Dutch and British authorities raided the Ross Revenge and WMR programmes were never resumed.


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