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Biografie van de Grootste Rockster van Nederland

(Includes a chapter about Willem van Kooten and his publishing company during the Radio Veronica days)

Author: Sander Donicers

Publisher: Lebowski Publishers

Published: 2016

ISBN 10:

ISBN 13:

Books and Booklets - Autobiography/Biography (2)


Defender of the Faith and Freedom

(Rev Carl McIntire was the founder of Radio Free America)

Authors: Gladys Titzck Rhodes and Nancy Titzck Anderson

Publisher: Xulon Press

Published: 2012

ISBN 10: 1619962314

ISBN 13: 978 1619962316

   Autobiography/Biography  1    2        Annuals                    Fiction

Eddy Ouwens van Hitmiljonnir tot Schuldsabering

Author: Willem van Kooten


Published: 2017

ISBN 10:

ISBN 13:

Stone Alone

(Includes references to Radio Caroline and Radio Syd)

Author: Bill Wyman, with Ray Coleman

Publisher: Viking

Published: 1990 (Hardback)

ISBN 10: 0670828947

ISBN 13: 978 0670828944

Stone Alone

(Includes references to Radio Caroline and Radio Syd)

Author: Bill Wymen, with Ray Coleman

Publisher:  Da Capo Press

Published: 1993 (Paperback)

ISBN 10: 0306807831

ISBN 13: 978 0306807831

Liesbeth List

De dochter van de Vuurtorenwachter

(Includes references to being a competition winner with Radio Veronica)

Author: Dave Boemkens


Published: 2017

ISBN 10:

ISBN 13:

Marconi - the Man Who Networked the World

Author: Marc Raboy

Publisher: OUP USA

Published: 2016

ISBN 10: 019431358X

ISBN 13: 978 0199313587


The Life and Times of a Danish Tycoon

(Includes information about his involvement with Radio Mercur)

Authors: Nørgaard, Henrik, Jonas Holm, (editor)

Translated by Tam McTurk

Publisher: Jyllands-Postens Forlag

Published: 2009

ISBN 10:

ISBN 13: 978 8776921910

Way Back Home

Author: Graham Gill

Publisher: Any Book Press

Published: 2017

ISBN 10:

ISBN 13: 978-94-92563-25-5

The Man Who Was Screaming Lord Sutch

Author: Grahan Sharpe

Publisher: Aurum Press

Published: 2005

ISBN 10: 1854109839

ISBN 13: 978 1854109835


Author: Peter Koelwijn


Published: 2018

ISBN 10:

ISBN 13:

George Baker

Author: Rutger Vahl

Publisher: Nijgh and van Ditmar

Published: 2018

ISBN 10:

ISBN 13:

Is Anybody There?

Author: Tom Edwards

Publisher: Kaleidoscope Publishing

Published: 2018

ISBN 10: 1900203693

ISBN 13: 978 1900203692

Bruine Bonen en Keuse Bund

Authors: Max Waiski Snr and Jnr


Published: 2016

ISBN 10:

ISBN 13:

Lex Harding

50 Jaar Media en Popcultuur

Author: Ton van der Lee

Publisher: Just Publishing

Published: 2019

ISBN 10: 9089756591

ISBN 13: 978 9089756534

Dit was de Frans van der Beek Show



Published: 2017

ISBN 10:

ISBN 13:


Het Leven van Annie M G Schmidt

Author: Annejet van der Zijl

Publisher: Querido

Published: 2011

ISBN 10:

ISBN 13:

Across the Waves

From Radio Caroline to Classic FM

Author: Nick Bailey

Publisher: Otherwise Publishing

Published: 2019

ISBN 10: 1999922212

ISBN 13: 978 1999922214