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Decca - The Supreme Record Company

The Story of Decca Records 1929-2019

Editors: Darren Henley, Daryl Eastlea

Publisher: Elliott and Thompson Ltd

Published: 2019

ISBN 10: 1783963964

ISBN 13: 978 1783963966

Rond de Noordzee

Authors: Arnout Haubent, Lander Deweer

Publisher: Pelckmans Uitgevers

Published: 2019

ISBN 10: 946310416X

ISBN 13: 978 9463104166

Sound, Space and Society

Rebel Radio

Author: Kimberley Peters

Publisher: Palgrave Pivot

Published: 2018


ISBN 10: 1137576158

ISBN 13: 978 1137576750


ISBN 10: 1349958581

ISBN 13: 978 1349958580

Vrije Radio en de Media


Publisher: Stichting Media Communicatie (SMC)

Published: 1985

ISBN 10:

ISBN 13:

Broadcasting on the Short Wave 1945-Present

(Includes sections about offshore shortwave broadcasts)

Author: Jerome S Berg

Publisher: McFarland and Co Inc

Published: 2008

ISBN 10:

ISBN 13:

Pop Pioneers

Author: Tom Steenbergen

Publisher: Muziek Karakter

Published: 2017

ISBN 10:

ISBN 13:

Flower Power

Best Experiences

Author: Leo Weijers


Published: 2019

ISBN 10:

ISBN 13:

Moet je Horen

Author: Govert van Brakel



ISBN 10:

ISBN 13:

British Pirate Radio Charts

Volume II

Author: Frank W Hoffman

Publisher: Privately published

Published: 2019

ISBN 10: 1096244324

ISBN 13: 978 1096249320

De Radio

Een Cultuurgeschiedenis

Author: Huub Wijtjes

Publisher: Boom

Published: 2019

ISBN 10:

ISBN 13:

100 Jaar Radio

(Includes chapters about offshore radio)

Author: Hans Knot

Publisher: Foundation for Media Communication

Published: 2020

ISBN 10:

ISBN 13:

Groot 45 Toeren Boek

Author: Vic van de Reijt

Publisher: Nijgh and van Ditmar, Amsterdam

Published: 2013

ISBN 10:

ISBN 13:

The Trials of Hank Janson

(Includes information about the author’s (real name Stephen Francis) involvement with the Caroline Newsletter in the 1970s)

Author: Steve Holland


Published: 2004

ISBN 10:

ISBN 13:

Friday On My Mind

The Definitive Insider’s Account of the 60’s Mod Generation

Author: Don Hughes

Publisher: Armadillo

Published: 2010

ISBN 10: 0956544622

ISBN 13: 978 0956544629;

Meer Nostalgie

Author: G T Rovers

Publisher: Historisch Karakter

Published: 2019

ISBN 10:

ISBN 13:

Made in the Low Countries

Editors: Lutgard Mutsaers, Gert Keunen

Publisher: Routledge

Published: 2017 (Hardback)

2018 (Paperback)

ISBN 10: 0367873559 (Paperback)

ISBN 13: 978 0367873554 (Paperback)

978 1138920101 (Hardback)

Een Muziek Geschiedenis der Nederlaaden

Author: Louis Peter Grijp


Published: 2001

ISBN 10:

ISBN 13:

De Eindeloze Jarem Zestig

Geschiedenis van een Generatie Conflict

Author: Hans Righart


Published: 1995

ISBN 10:

ISBN 13:


Author: Dylan Taylor-Lehman

Publisher: Diversion Books

Published: 2020

ISBN 10: 1635766370

ISBN 13: 978 1635766370