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Elektronica 1971


Publisher: Muiderkring Publishing

Published: 1971

ISBN 10:

ISBN 13:

Elektronica Jaarboekja1976


Publisher: Muiderkring Publishing

Published: 1976

ISBN 10:

ISBN 13:

AVRO 60 in Beeld



Published: 1983

ISBN 10:

ISBN 13:

Pirate Gold

The real story behind the offshore radio stations of the 1960’s

Author: Brian Lister

Publisher: lulu.com

Published: 2017

ISBN 10: 0244017182

ISBN 13: 978 0244017187

London’s Pirate Pioneers

The Illegal Broadcasters who Changed British Radio

Author: Stephen Hebditch

Publisher: TX Publications

Published: 2015

ISBN 10: 0993265200

ISBN 13: 978 3265204

The Golden Days of Radio One

Hotshots, Big Shots, Pot Shots

(Includes references to the 1960s British offshore radio stations)

Author: David Hamilton

Publisher: Ashwater Press

Published: 2017

ISBN 10: 0992711983

ISBN 13: 978 0992711986